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English-Hindi > shopping plaza

shopping plaza meaning in Hindi

shopping plaza sentence in Hindi

विपणन प्लाजा
shopping    खरीददारी बाजार
plaza    नगर-चौक बहाना मिस
1.A shopping plaza that once marked the town center is now rubble.

2.It contains mostly townhouses and apartment buildings, with several shopping plazas nearby.

3.At its peak in the 1960s, Eastland Shopping Plaza employed 800 people.

4."' Seacon Bangkae "'is a shopping plaza and complex in Phasi Charoen.

5.A shopping plaza, or small strip mall, is located near the Community Centre.

6."There's lots of U . S . plates at the shopping plazas ."

7.As of 2009 it is the only branch located in a shopping plaza.

8.The building will have a two-level shopping plaza at the rear.

9.Bamburgh Gardens Shopping Plaza is the largest shopping centre in Steeles.

10.Other smaller malls are Heliplaza, Shopping Plaza and the commerces on Zona Esmeralda.

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