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English-Hindi > shopping street

shopping street meaning in Hindi

shopping street sentence in Hindi

विपणि सडक
shopping    खरीददारी बाजार
street    गलियारा गली पथ
1.The Demerstraat and the Koning Albertstraat are the most important shopping streets.

2.Her antique shop, on Milan's most exclusive shopping street, operated rent free.

3.The primary shopping streets are Canjiang Lu, Wenchang Lu and Wenhau Lu.

4.The government subsequently closed a Giordano's store on Beijing's busiest shopping street.

5.Between Grand Parade and Parnell Place, the street is a shopping street.

6.There is a shopping street not too far from the train station.

7.From the square you come onto the shopping street Via San Cesareo.

8.It is also an important shopping street for tourists and locals alike.

9.Bulldozers knocked down unauthorized structures along Residency Road, Srinagar's main shopping street.

10.Downtown department stores create foot traffic and anchor shopping streets, he said.

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