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English-Hindi > short and sweet

short and sweet meaning in Hindi

short and sweet sentence in Hindi
चन्द क्षणों की किन्तु सुखद
चन्द क्षणों की किन्तु सुखद
short    थोड़ा नाटा अदीर्घ
and    तथा एवं और एवं औ और
sweet    मीठी वस्तु मिठाई
1.The short and sweet answer is that it almost bankrupted the company,

2.Critiques acclaimed that the dialogues of the film were short and sweet.

3.Jackson quotes Loughnan as saying : " it was short and sweet.

4.To play winning hockey in Colorado, make those shifts short and sweet.

5.I am trying to make this summary short and sweet for readers.

6.Starting today, a short and sweet off-season ends for the Dallas Stars.

7.I can make it short and sweet : You saw the game.

8.It was short and sweet _ unlike his career with the Cowboys.

9.Their rise to the top in the nation has been short and sweet.

10."Can't he just walk out and make this short and sweet?

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dealt with very quickly; to the point; "the conference was short and sweet"; "make your statement short and sweet"

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