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English-Hindi > shoulder stock

shoulder stock meaning in Hindi

shoulder stock sentence in Hindi

स्कंध कुंदा
shoulder    कंधा बोझ लेना
stock    भण्डार स्टक
1.It comes with a walnut grip and a detachable shoulder stock.

2.The Bizon also utilizes the AKS-74 shoulder stock.

3.An SBR need not retain a shoulder stock after modification.

4.To improve accuracy, some machine pistols are fitted with a shoulder stock.

5.This version had no shoulder stock and was equipped with a pistol grip.

6.According to Lake, the pistol was equipped with a detachable metal shoulder stock.

7.ATF regards pistols with shoulder stocks as redesigned to be fired from the shoulder.

8.All versions used detachable shoulder stock holsters.

9.The rearward piece of the shell provided an attachment point for the rotatable shoulder stock.

10.Regulators company RSK was additionally can be equipped with the AKS74 around the shoulder stock to collapse.

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