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English-Hindi > shoulder vise

shoulder vise meaning in Hindi

shoulder vise sentence in Hindi
shoulder    कंधा बोझ लेना
vise    बाँक शिकंजा विसा
1.Basically, you can just add another big shoulder vise to the end of the bench.

2.A decent-size one will start around $ 800, with end vise and shoulder vise.

3.You can buy a hardware kit for the shoulder vise, but making it properly is still a formidable task.

4.A front vise ( also called'face vise'or'shoulder vise') is typically mounted on the left front side of the bench.

5.What turns a lot of woodworkers away from building their own bench is the end vise, which unlike the shoulder vise, cannot be purchased as a unit.

6.The Scandinavian type of bench has two vises; the standard cast iron vise at one end of the working side, and a shop-built, integrated shoulder vise at the other end.

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