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English-Hindi > single error

single error meaning in Hindi

single error sentence in Hindi

एकल त्रुटि
single    एक ही केवल एक एक
error    गलती त्रुटि दोष
1.Defensively, he did not make a single error in 4 games played.

2.A single error in system design or execution can allow successful attacks.

3.He did not make a single error during the entire 2014 season.

4.He homered twice and did not commit a single error while playing catcher.

5.In most decoding solutions, D1 is designed to correct single error.

6.I have yet to find a single error that isn't in the original source.

7.A single error or mishap can cause an animal's death.

8.In the field, he has made only a single error.

9.You didn't find a single error of fact or introduction of bias in SlimVirgin's edit?

10.The resulting compensated single error value is scaled by the single gain K _ p.

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