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English-Hindi > single fare

single fare meaning in Hindi

single fare sentence in Hindi

इकतरफा किराया
एकतरफा किराया
एकल किराया
single    एक ही केवल एक एक
fare    किराया खाना भाड़ा
1.The system returned to a single fare on 1 November 1982.

2.The single fared far better on adult contemporary radio, peaking at number 4.

3.A single fare cost ?, less than the parking cost at the station.

4.Consequently, return tickets at single fare where the latter exceeded 2d . were introduced.

5.The album suffered from a lack of label support though the singles fared slightly better.

6.A zonal system was operated with five single fares.

7.A single fare on the service was 5 cents, or 6 tickets for 25 cents.

8.As far as I can see, a Cheap Day Single fare is available @ ?9.20.

9.With subsequent singles faring less well on the charts, the band split up in 1991.

10.Notably, the maximum single fare was capped at ?.

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