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English-Hindi > site condition

site condition meaning in Hindi

site condition sentence in Hindi

site    घटनास्थल जगह ठौर
condition    उपाधि दशा नियम
1.Essentially, the law narrows the scope of the off-site conditions to nine.

2.UWB has committed to maintain this biological diversity as site conditions change.

3.The timing is usually species-specific but is also related to site conditions.

4.So this would include, geology, site conditions, tree health and other forest factors.

5."The first major issue is the siting conditions, " a senior official said.

6.Nevertheless, this effect is limited when site conditions are limiting.

7.Johnson and Dinsmore imply that this likely results from both species preferring similar site conditions.

8.An allowance is made for corrosion depending on the site conditions and local building codes.

9.His responsiveness to never-identical site conditions quite obviously allowed for the variegation that permeates his work.

10.Furthermore, the ecophysiological advantage of an improved water supply could be counterbalanced by limiting site conditions.

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