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site description meaning in Hindi

site description sentence in Hindi

स्थल विवरण
site    घटनास्थल जगह ठौर
description    उल्लेख कथन किस्म
1.Blink's favorites lists can be organized into categories and can include site descriptions.

2.NCC and later JNCC, have published detailed site descriptions of the GCR localities.

3.Finally, the term " religion " itself is to be found in over 42, 000 electronic site descriptions.

4.MetaTags allow you to associate keywords and a site description, as well as page descriptions, throughout your site.

5.A Web site description of the slopes prompted them to vacation here and on that at least, they wax rapturous.

6.Meanwhile, the Environmental Protection Agency decided to remove from its Web site descriptions of hazardous materials stored across the country.

7.The University of Chicago's Oriental Institute has also begun posting on its Internet site descriptions of some important artifacts believed stolen.

8.The tone of each site description is very student oriented, and PC Junior found it to be a resource that is easy to use as well as entertaining.

9.John of Essex in 1286 leased land matching the site description to John Marsh ( de Marisco ) an estate of " circa " in Matching and Roding.

10.In contrast to the indifference to cave painting art by Texan investigators, the visit to Cueva Ahumada by Mexican archaeologist Antonieta Espejo provided a unique site description, before the first excavations.

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