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English-Hindi > site emergency

site emergency meaning in Hindi

site emergency sentence in Hindi
1.When pain gets really bad, there is an on-site emergency dentist.

2.The leak which lasted 93 minutes led to the declaration of a site emergency.

3.He also contributed as a quality environmental auditor and a member of the site Emergency Response Team.

4.Modern medicine and extreme caution from on-site emergency techs surely prevent more of these injuries from getting worse.

5.Bhopal and the rest have produced a large body of international experience on drawing up off-site emergency plans.

6.The draft national emergency plan sets four classifications for accidents, from emergency standby to off-site emergency, the newspaper said.

7.One of the two connections to off-site power for units 1 3 also failed, so 13 on-site emergency diesel generators began providing power.

8.The plant can be started with no off-site power available and with only the on-site emergency diesel generator providing electricity to plant systems.

9.The security and on-site emergency medical response teams provided immediate assistance and care, the band kept people calm, and the crowd dispersed safely ."

10.Caddell later showed videotaped testimony of four former high-ranking FBI officials who said they believed Reno's instructions for on-site emergency crews included firefighting equipment.

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