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site facility sentence in Hindi

"site facility" meaning in Hindisite facility in a sentence
  • The dredged sediment will be treated at an off-site facility.
  • Local off site facilities are used for a wider variety of sporting activities.
  • According to a 2003 schedule, buildings and site facilities were to be constructed by 2003.
  • This has been completed, providing the church with on-site facilities including a small kitchen.
  • Spent nuclear fuel for nuclear power plants is generally stored in pools in on-site facilities.
  • AAPS has three on-site facilities in order to expose students to laboratory environments and protocol.
  • Anthrax also has been discovered at an off-site facility that processes mail to the White House.
  • Yarn produced at the Belgrave Number 1 Mill was bleached or dyed in an on-site facility.
  • The House is hoping to expand its off-site facility to X-ray packages, Livingood confirmed.
  • _Up to $ 100, 000, for start-up costs of an on-site facility,
  • UNAIDS is headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland, where it shares some site facilities with the World Health Organization.
  • During this phase, NOAO is responsible for design & development of the LSST telescope system and site facilities.
  • At this time, David also instigated the development of the TAC site facility, finally completed in 2006.
  • The loaded resin beads would be trucked to an off-site facility for reprocessing and precipitation of uranium concentrate.
  • Many council camping grounds became known as " caravan parks " as site facilities became more geared to their use.
  • Site facilities are well kept, including parking space, toilets, souvenirs and a well-marked site visit route.
  • Mail handled at the off-site facility is processed through a postal facility on Capitol Hill that processed the Daschle letter.
  • For 17 consecutive years, the Justin Heeler physicians and on-site facilities have provided assistance to ailing cowboys at rodeo arenas nationwide.
  • The Orillia Campus was established in 1969 . On-site facilities include a 150-seat theatre, fitness centre and weight room.
  • Jubilee Library in central Brighton was opened in March 2005 to replace outdated split-site facilities nearby, which included a separate music library.
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