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English-Hindi > site facility

site facility meaning in Hindi

site facility sentence in Hindi

अस्पष्‍ट सुविधा
site    घटनास्थल जगह ठौर
facility    आसानी कौशल तेजी
1.The dredged sediment will be treated at an off-site facility.

2.Local off site facilities are used for a wider variety of sporting activities.

3.According to a 2003 schedule, buildings and site facilities were to be constructed by 2003.

4.This has been completed, providing the church with on-site facilities including a small kitchen.

5.Spent nuclear fuel for nuclear power plants is generally stored in pools in on-site facilities.

6.AAPS has three on-site facilities in order to expose students to laboratory environments and protocol.

7.Anthrax also has been discovered at an off-site facility that processes mail to the White House.

8.Yarn produced at the Belgrave Number 1 Mill was bleached or dyed in an on-site facility.

9.The House is hoping to expand its off-site facility to X-ray packages, Livingood confirmed.

10._Up to $ 100, 000, for start-up costs of an on-site facility,

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