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English-Hindi > site index

site index meaning in Hindi

site index sentence in Hindi

स्थल सूचकांक
site    घटनास्थल जगह ठौर
index    विषय सूची
1.A site index is a useful place to locate the moved page.

2.It does not have a site index, but it is easy to navigate.

3.This will estimate height at index age ( site index ).

4.Different trees on the same site will produce different measurements of a site index.

5.Determining site index from plant composition is often referred to as the indicator-plant approach.

6.Soil surveys were conducted by the NRCS and site index was measured for these soils.

7.Site index is determined from plant composition by the presence, abundance, and size of understory plants.

8.Six of the 11 topics on the DNC's Web site index page are dedicated to Bush bashing.

9.Officials said the Web site index provided the most comprehensive list of World War I military service.

10.The OPA is a collection of Wayback links to the reviews and site indexes of print magazines.

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