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English-Hindi > site license

site license meaning in Hindi

site license sentence in Hindi

स्थल लाइसेंस
site    घटनास्थल जगह ठौर
license    आज्ञा दुराचार
1.There is a reduction in cost for academic users and a site license.

2.The company reported forming a new division focused on marketing site license agreements.

3.A site license for a NativeMinds virtual robot starts at $ 125, 000.

4.It includes a series of culture-and topic-specific available via site license or online download.

5.The school-to-home license is good as long as the school's site license is in effect.

6.I'll have to check but I'm pretty sure the university I'm at has a site license for Dreamweaver.

7.From 1974 to his retirement he held the position of Head, Site Licensing Department at the Licensing Division.

8.Aside from problems with the site licensing restrictions, the sheer cost is also likely out of Wikipedia's price range.

9.In June 2002, a public In-Q-Tel customer agreement represents the first significant enterprise site license of a blogging platform.

10.CUC Software's School-to-Home license is automatically included when the product is purchased by schools for a building-site license or district-site license.

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