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English-Hindi > skull shape

skull shape meaning in Hindi

skull shape sentence in Hindi

कपाल आकार
skull    कपाल खोपड़ी खोपड़ी
shape    बिकास पाना आकृति
1.But the source is reliable for some comments about skull shape.

2.The exact lengths are dependent on skull shape and the style of flat top.

3.They have a characteristic skull shape and dentition.

4.And personal computers enable anthropologists to perform mathematically sophisticated comparisons of skull shapes among different populations.

5.Forehead of a skull shaped sculpture.

6.Members of Carnivora have a characteristic skull shape with relatively large brains encased in a heavy skull.

7.Other experts have argued that neither skull shapes nor nasal openings are a reliable indication of race.

8.Some paleontologists have proposed that variations in skull shape among specimens represent deformities rather than true morphologies.

9.As anthropologists gained access to methods of skull measure they developed racial classification based on skull shape.

10.But as far as I understand it, differences in testosterone lead to differences on skull shape.

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