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English-Hindi > sky cover

sky cover meaning in Hindi

sky cover sentence in Hindi

आकाश आवरण
आसमानी आवरण
व्योम आवरण
sky    आसमान गगन जलवायु
cover    रिकावी सुरक्षा
1.For pilots, knowledge of the sky cover helps determine if visual flight rules are being met.

2.Meanwhile, abundant sunshine will cover the western Gulf Coast while partly cloudy skies cover the Tennessee Valley.

3.Most of the Southwest will turn hotter, while partly to mostly sunny skies cover much of the West Coast.

4.Sky cover ( / SK ) is used to report the cloud layer amounts and the height of the cloud base.

5.Elsewhere, high pressure building south from Quebec will bring chilly and dry weather to New England while partly sunny skies cover the Southwest.

6.One quote of Symmachus from " The Memorial of Symmachus, Prefect of the City " reads ( in translation ), " We gaze up at the same stars; the sky covers us all; the same universe encompasses us.

7.Virtual Skies covers mainly UK & USA VATSIM and is generally regarded to have better coverage of the virtual North America and Great Britain, while IVAO's pilots and controllers generally fly and control the virtual Europe, Africa and South America.

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