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English-Hindi > slop out

slop out meaning in Hindi

slop out sentence in Hindi
गंदा पानी उड़ेल देना
slop    गंदला पानी मल मैला
out    हड़ताल पर बहाना
1.Hungry mothers and children would scoop the slops out of the cans.

2."The country kids don't want to slop out horses anymore.

3.This movement caused two gallons of mercury to slop out of the lens support trough and put the light out of operation.

4.He insists on honest performances and mops the slop out of this fundamentally sentimental, manipulative story as much as is humanly possible.

5.Prisoners were required to use a bucket through the evening for toilet breaks and empty it, or'slop out', in the morning.

6.You can also improve them considerably by getting all the slop out of the adjustment screw, but you'll need a better expert than myself to explain that.

7."There's a lot of muck and slop out there, " said one mud-caked fan, who didn't want to give his name.

8.Ms . Travers suggests filling the water dish with ice cubes or freezing the container of water, so the liquid will not slop out but will melt for the animal to drink in flight.

9.Indeed, there was a law but it required all persons involved in any tourism business ( that includes cleaning slop out of hotel kitchens ) to have an official identification card with photo and fingerprint.

10.While our present president and the Republican-controlled Congress claim they want to bridle federal spending and that their number one priority is paying down the national debt, they continue to slop out the pork.

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