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English-Hindi > snuff it

snuff it meaning in Hindi

snuff it sentence in Hindi
• मरना
snuff    सांस के साथ खींचना
it    वह इसे इसको इसक्
1.Although Dudayev stifled internal dissent, he could not snuff it out.

2.The entities that brought the seeds of life to Earth might some day snuff it out.

3.The House has passed the measure four times, but the Senate always snuffs it out.

4.He drops his cigarette to the floor and Skinner dramatically snuffs it out with his shoe.

5.A battery that could either slow down a team's running game or snuff it out altogether?

6.The crews saw the fire and tried to snuff it out using portable fire extinguishers, but failed.

7.No matter what historians and researchers do to snuff it out, the pesky moth tale keeps coming back.

8.But no one knows how to snuff it out before the conflict in Angola bursts into flames once again.

9.Swedish tobacco company Swedish Match AB said Tuesday that it will raise wholesale prices on snuff it sells in the United States.

10.For decades official policy fluctuated between tolerance of the game, fueled by generous payoffs to authorities, and intermittent campaigns to snuff it out.

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