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English-Hindi > so the story goes

so the story goes meaning in Hindi

so the story goes sentence in Hindi
ऐसा कहा जाता है
so    जिससे इसलिए इस
the    वही यह वह वही वह
the story goes    यह कहा जाता है
story    अफ़साना उपकथा
1.And it all came, or so the story goes, from a dream.

2.There was once, so the story goes, a foreign country called the South.

3.The Taliban movement began with a gang rape, or so the story goes.

4.They are also the first people who collected toll, or so the story goes.

5.He had but one request, or so the story goes.

6.German taxpayers, so the story goes, paid for Irish roads.

7.She got her first job with other people's sketches, or so the story goes.

8.So the story goes and a third candidate was interviewed.

9.So the story goes, Manakamana had taken the human form of the queen of Ghorka.

10.Coke articulated its objection and Atlanta organizers made the substitution, or so the story goes.

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