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English-Hindi > sock it to

sock it to meaning in Hindi

sock it to sentence in Hindi
धावा बोल देना
sock    मोजा जुराब
it    वह इसे इसको इसक्
to    बन्द अवस्था में
1.Or maybe that someone decided it was time to sock it to them?

2.Estonia wants to sock it to America.

3.On the wall of the 60s living room were posters that said " Sock it to me,"

4.He socks it to the public employee unions in a roundabout way, and he saves a lot of money,

5.Sock it to'em : Nick Van Exel and Derek Fisher won't mess with a good thing.

6.But he would sock it to the tobacco industry, raising taxes on cigarettes to help pay for tax cuts elsewhere.

7.In the'60s, " Laugh-In " spawned " Sock it to me !"

8.Richard Nixon did a " Sock it to me " bit on " Laugh-In,"

9.Moss recorded a few songs musically, including the 1969 song'Sock it to'em, soul brother '.

10.June released numerous tracks in 2016, including the full-length mixtape " Sock It To Me ".

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