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English-Hindi > sound reflection

sound reflection meaning in Hindi

sound reflection sentence in Hindi
sound    आवाज आवाज़ आहट
reflection    बिम्ब झलक गहन
1.A thin cushion against the wall reduced sound reflection further.

2.To achieve sound balance, most of the walls are curved to provide diffuse sound reflections.

3.The hall contains 1, 300 seats, innovative sound reflection, and a liftable stage for opera performance.

4.This is because at the surface, sound reflections are nearly 180 degrees out of phase with the incident waves.

5.Sound reflections create standing waves that produce natural resonances that can be heard as a pleasant sensation or an annoying one.

6.In World War II he worked on research in sound reflections of the sea floor that were used in advancing submarine detection techniques.

7.To address shallow water problems, new factors had to be taken into consideration such as the type of ocean floor, sound reflection, reverberation, and clutter.

8.The device could help cops locate a sniper hiding in an urban area, where sound reflections make it hard to tell where the shots come from, Labiak said.

9.The flat design _ only a half-inch thick _ projects sounds to the rear as well as forward and prevents most sound reflections from objects on either side of the speaker.

10.Because conventional microphone diaphragms are relatively large ( > 1 cm diameter ), phase interference from surface sound reflections caused a rolloff in the high frequencies of a microphone in a Mic Mouse.

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the repetition of a sound resulting from reflection of the sound waves; "she could hear echoes of her own footsteps"
Synonyms: echo, reverberation, replication,

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