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उठाना sound of pronunciation

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उठाना in English:pickup; uplift; hunch; uprear; rear; profit; lever; lifting; raising; relever; upraise; accept; waken; take; swell; shore; run; relieve; raise; put up; pump; heave; gather up; put; place upright; disestablish; enhance; send up; rear up; cock; rescind; meditate; set up; levy; put away; catch up; stick up; pull; go back; drag up; court; suffer; rouse; pick up; lift; incur; incite; hoist; expend; erect; elevate; come up; cause; brook; beet; support; sustain; cat; carry; bring up; bear; awaken; whet; weigh; wake up; vacate; uphold; undertake; undergo; lift up; take up; arouse