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ठीक sound of pronunciation

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ठीक in English:truth; faithfully; plumb; bang; bolt; full; immediately; on the nose; prompt; slap; to the day; smack-dab; smack; spell; better; direct; even; serviceable; just; not bad; true; appropriate; acceptable; wholesome; whole; well; very; trim; suitable; strict; sound; up to the mark; hunky-dory; well-turned; authentic; apposite; well-directed; unerring; taut; decided; certain; valid; surefire; pinpoint; set; unspoiled; unspoilt; good; unmistakable; cured; safe; above-board; equitable; exact; fair; fit; honest; equal; in order; meet; moral; definite; crucial; actual; advisable; all right; alright; answerable; apt; correct; critical; modest; precise; reasonable; rational; particular; pat; pertinent; quaint; prim; proper; regular; accurate; ok; right