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बनाना sound of pronunciation

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बनाना in English:extrinsic evidence; fabrication; neutralise; preparatory; dot; paint; pattern; pencil; pick; poke; put together; rig up; scoop; see about; open; mend; draw; dress; drive; establish; firm up; get; grade; hatch; invent; lay down; set up; shoot; build up; render; fix up; DO; upbuild; produce; SHAPE; go through; play off; forge; site; repair; sort; strike; structure; style; take; turn; wear; work; appoint; chisel; do; affect; form; formulate; found; frame; hew; make up; make; manufacture; model; fabricate; erect; design; alter; build; coin; compile; compose; constitute; construct; contrive; create; mold; mould; organise; burn; cake; block; blow; build in; build into; build up; chalk; clear; complete; compound; prepare; cook up; cut out; develop; dig; preparation; raise to; score; cook; write; ready