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English-Hindi > species richness

species richness meaning in Hindi

species richness sentence in Hindi

स्पीशीज समृद्‍धि
species    प्रजाति भांति
richness    प्राचुर्य मालदारी
1.Ecologically, sebaceous areas had greater species richness than moist and dry one.

2.This has resulted in the high species richness observed within the area.

3.The greatest species richness occurs in association with uplands, especially the Stirling Range.

4.Species richness ranges from 17 to 48 species per 1000 m?

5.Species richness quantifies the actual rather than effective number of species.

6.Species richness peaks at around 40?latitude, both north and south.

7.The distribution of ichneumonid species richness is subject to ongoing debate.

8.Conversely, the highest species richness occurs in soils with the lowest soil nutrition.

9.There has been much discussion about the relationship between productivity and species richness.

10.Species richness is therefore demonstrably increased where cushion plants have colonized.

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