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English-Hindi > species variation

species variation meaning in Hindi

species variation sentence in Hindi

जाति विभिन्नता
species    प्रजाति भांति
variation    तबदीली परिवर्तन
1.These discrepancies in response to may reflect species variation or methodological differences.

2.Indeed, intra-species variation can be many times larger than inter-species variation.

3.Indeed, intra-species variation can be many times larger than inter-species variation.

4.Selective breeding has also led to wider intra & ndash; species variation, creating more diverse commercial stocks.

5.Species variations may, with larger sample sizes, inform us of past changes in ocean palaeo-temperatures.

6.This can result in great species variation between communities that happen to be located on slopes with different aspects.

7.Researchers are limited to morphologic analysis but it is difficult to estimate the intra-species and inter-species variations and relationships that existed between specimens across time and place.

8.Some species variation may indicate that water levels at the site fluctuated; for example the deepwater diatoms " Cyclotella meneghiniana " and " Cyclotella stelligera " but also benthic species.

9.However, pig and cow GH did not work at all in humans, due to greater species-to-species variation of molecular structure ( i . e ., insulin is considered more " evolutionarily conserved " than GH ).

10.Studies have shown that the pull out resistance of hawthorn and oak roots are affected by intra species differences, inter-species variations and root size ( diameter ) in a similar as way as root tensile strength varies ( as measured in the laboratory ).

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