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English-Hindi > specific absorption

specific absorption meaning in Hindi

specific absorption sentence in Hindi

विशिष्ट अवशोषण
specific    ब्योरा विस्तार
absorption    अवचूषण अवशोषण
1.Consequently, the 4012X has a lower specific absorption rate.

2.Each phycobiliprotein has a specific absorption and fluorescence emission maximum in the visible range of light.

3.It is unknown if the higher specific absorption rate had anything to do with the device's removal.

4.;sar : List the devices specific absorption rate for the head and the body in W / kg.

5.His proof noted that the dimensionless wavelength-specific absorption ratio of a perfectly black body is by definition exactly 1.

6.Also here the wavelength-specific emitting power of the body at temperature is denoted by and the wavelength-specific absorption ratio by.

7.Current FDA rules on cell phone safety rely on a radiation measurement called the " specific absorption rate " or SAR.

8.Depending on the position of the atoms within this wave field, the measured element-specific absorption of X-rays varies in a characteristic way.

9.The P is short for pigment and the number is the specific absorption peak in nanometers for the chlorophyll molecules in each reaction center.

10.Do-Mode, a search engine company in Los Angeles, has published a list of specific absorption radiation, or SAR, levels for many cell phone models.

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