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English-Hindi > spit upon

spit upon meaning in Hindi

spit upon sentence in Hindi
अनादर दिखाना
लात मारना
spit    थूक सिकना सींक सीख
upon    ऊपर करीब पर लगभग
1.LeRette has been cursed at on occasion, even spit upon.

2.Sex : We spit upon the box office receipts . ( He does so ).

3.All the gods in turn spit upon the clay.

4.Darden says he received death threats, was spit upon, and his family, too, was harassed.

5.For those efforts, Hirschbeck was spit upon.

6."It's been knocked down and spit upon.

7.Shylock-- the Jewish moneylender who modern readers often regard as an offensively written stereotype-- is spit upon and tormented.

8.There was a tight circle around a news editor named Zika Nikolic, who was being shoved and spit upon.

9.When Loukianos yelled, " I spit upon the Christian God, " Rais objected, stepped up and spat in the tyrant's face.

10.Johnson argued with home plate umpire John Hirschbeck, the same umpire who was spit upon by Baltimore's Roberto Alomar last year.

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