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stable balance sentence in Hindi

"stable balance" meaning in Hindi
  • The major homeostatic control point for maintaining this stable balance is renal excretion.
  • There is now a stable balance between gravity and pressure.
  • We want a mixed economy, a stable balance of public, private and collective ownership.
  • "But under the new policy, people's income and property prices will attain a more stable balance.
  • You want a company with great cash flow and a stable balance sheet in a high growth market.
  • How about a clear division and stable balance of power among different local factions _ in other words, a partition?
  • "Our plan is to discourage an arms race and to encourage a stable balance of military power, " she said.
  • In the 1940s, Hungary introduced a new technique called the eggbeater kick that enables goalkeepers to maintain a stable balance in the water.
  • For this Pacific renaissance to be durable, he said, it has to be underpinned by a stable balance of power between the United States, Japan and China.
  • Or it could sit down with America and work out a stable balance between any future missile defenses and the future size of China's own long-range nuclear arsenal.
  • Because of the industrial area, Kelapa Nunggal is also home to a stable balanced population between local factory / industrial workers, and commuters to the Greater Jakarta area.
  • Or will we declare victory after we have built up the Muslim army enough so that there will be a stable balance of power among the three parties?
  • Ultimately however, " achieving a stable balance between food and people may now depend heavily on population policies that can dramatically slow population growth in the next few years, " it concluded.
  • These electron pairs are known as "'shared pairs "'or "'bonding pairs "', and the stable balance of attractive and repulsive forces between atoms, when they share electrons, is known as covalent bonding.
  • Selecting appropriate species and sizing the various populations to provide necessary ecosystem functions allows the biological and chemical processes involved to achieve a stable balance, mutually benefiting the organisms and improving ecosystem health.
  • With so much depending on the stable balance of the Chambira River's ecosystem, manmade disasters such as oil spills are of concern for Pluspetrol, the indigenous populations, as well as the Peruvian government.
  • There is no guarantee that the presence of nuclear weapons on both sides will produce the kind of relatively stable balance of terror that prevailed between the United States and the Soviet Union during the Cold War.
  • In this case of policemen and accommodation, it is important for men and women of the force to find a stable balance between accommodating ( displaying care, empathy, respect etc ., ) and keeping a firm stance of authority.
  • The CFE treaty, signed in 1990, is intended to promote stability on the European continent by reducing conventional forces and establishing a stable balance of power between what were then two opposing military blocs, NATO and the Warsaw Pact.
  • Is the plan to give peace a chance, but to arm and train the Muslims so that there will at least be a stable balance of power after one year, so we can leave and realistically hope that the peace holds together?
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