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stable block sentence in Hindi

"stable block" meaning in Hindi
  • The stable block of the hall is now the Normanton Park Hotel.
  • The hall and the stable block were re-roofed in the same year.
  • The smaller south stable block faces the north block across a courtyard.
  • The stable blocks lie further to the east of the main house.
  • The house was enlarged in 1820 when the stable block was built.
  • He also built the large stable block to the right of the house.
  • The stable block at the hall is also listed as Grade II *.
  • A separate, larger stable block was also built at this time.
  • These are the stable block, and the entrance arch and gates.
  • The stable block now houses a collection of coaches and carriages.
  • The junior school, Riley House, moved to the redeveloped stable block.
  • In 2006, further alterations were made to the old stable block.
  • In the grounds are stable block, ice house and other outbuildings.
  • The bats use roofspaces in a former stable block as a maternity site.
  • Their son Hereward Charles lives on the estate in the stable block ).
  • The Hall also has an 18th-century Grade II listed stable block.
  • The stable block survives, and is now known as Brahan House.
  • The stable block was converted into a separate house in 1890.
  • There is also an Industrial Museum in the old stable block.
  • Frankfort Hall estate initially consisted of a small lodge, stable block.
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