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English-Hindi > stable block

stable block meaning in Hindi

stable block sentence in Hindi

स्थायी खंड
स्थिर खंड
stable    अस्तबल घुड़साल
block    पीड़क निपिण्ड
1.The stable block of the hall is now the Normanton Park Hotel.

2.The hall and the stable block were re-roofed in the same year.

3.The smaller south stable block faces the north block across a courtyard.

4.The stable blocks lie further to the east of the main house.

5.The house was enlarged in 1820 when the stable block was built.

6.He also built the large stable block to the right of the house.

7.The stable block at the hall is also listed as Grade II *.

8.A separate, larger stable block was also built at this time.

9.These are the stable block, and the entrance arch and gates.

10.The stable block now houses a collection of coaches and carriages.

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