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English-Hindi > stable equilibrium

stable equilibrium meaning in Hindi

stable equilibrium sentence in Hindi

स्थायी साम्य
stable    अस्तबल घुड़साल
equilibrium    साम्यावस्था
1.So focus has shifted on applications that allow for stable equilibrium rationing.

2.This causes the system to steadily evolve, although it can approach a stable equilibrium.

3.With enough mixing, some stable equilibrium is reached and a mixed layer is formed.

4.In the top figure, it rests in its stable equilibrium.

5.A counter-example was found where such a stable equilibrium did not satisfy backward induction.

6.Generally, many different states and starting conditions will tend toward the same stable equilibrium.

7.In his own life, he was a singer of the " balance in stable equilibrium.

8.Diamagnets may be levitated in stable equilibrium in a magnetic field, with no power consumption.

9.There is no stable equilibrium depth for a diver.

10.The stable liquid state unlike most glasses and amorphous solids, is a thermodynamically stable equilibrium state.

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