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English-Hindi > stable factor

stable factor meaning in Hindi

stable factor sentence in Hindi

स्थायी घटक
stable    अस्तबल घुड़साल
factor    दूसरे की ओर से
1.He will be, once again, a stable factor among the three,

2.Inducing tolerance to the host autoantigen in this way may also be the most stable factor.

3.They are the stable factors in the sport,

4."The concentration of disadvantaged minorities has been a stable factor in prisons and jails, " he said.

5.Gregor Salto has now been a stable factor in the Dutch and international house and festival scene.

6.Unlike newsprint, the broad range of tissue products is " tied to more stable factors in the economy, " he said.

7.Michonski of Coldwell Banker Hunt Kennedy said last week, " but it's abating as people look beyond the weekly valleys to more important and stable factors of the market ."

8.The proportions of these branched-chain fatty acids tend to be uniform and consistent among a particular bacterial species but may be altered due to changes in malonyl-CoA concentration, temperature, or heat-stable factors ( HSF ) present.

a coagulation factor formed in the kidney under the influence of vitamin K
Synonyms: proconvertin, cothromboplastin, factor VII,

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