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English-Hindi > stag party

stag party meaning in Hindi

stag party sentence in Hindi
पुरुष गोष्ठी
stag    कुंवारा बारहसिंगा
party    साझी जत्था टोली
1.Lahiffe said, saying the ban on hen and stag parties can only help.

2.Stag parties abroad have been known to involve visits to brothels and prostitutes.

3.A stag party for Harold, for instance, turns into a Barbra Streisand free-for-all.

4.Neil is taken to his stag party by his friends Nigel and Donald.

5.If he hadn't started Playboy, Stag Party or whatever, someone else eventually would have.

6.And I would be known as Mr . Stag Party?

7.Ryan attends Tony Gordon ( Gray O'Brien )'s stag party.

8.Meanwhile, he continued with acting, performing at weddings and stag parties doing comedy pieces.

9.When he became president, there were no more stag parties.

10."It was like watching your sister strip for a stag party, " wrote the reviewer.

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a party for men only (or one considered suitable for men only)
Synonyms: smoker,

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