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English-Hindi > stage business

stage business meaning in Hindi

stage business sentence in Hindi

नट व्यापार
रंग व्यापार
stage    अवस्था कार्य
business    बात कार्य में
1.Essentially, the company was too large for a development-stage business, critics say.

2.17 early-stage businesses and SMEs have successfully raised through the platform.

3.The Lucent group is an incubator for more than a dozen early-stage businesses.

4.For those thinking that stage business is an actor's short cut to success.

5.The stage business and the music spoke for themselves, which was surely Fo's point.

6.Many entrances and exits and much other stage business follow.

7.In technology, Delin is an active investor in seed funds and early stage businesses.

8.This scheme provided over 1600 hours of mentoring by experienced entrepreneurs to early stage businesses.

9.Puccini packs so much drama into the music that stage business risks becoming a distraction.

10."I don't see it as a statement that early-stage business investing is fated to fail ."

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incidental activity performed by an actor for dramatic effect; "his business with the cane was hilarious"
Synonyms: business, byplay,

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