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English-Hindi > stage fright

stage fright meaning in Hindi

stage fright sentence in Hindi
रंगमंच का डर
stage    अवस्था कार्य
fright    आतंक उद्वेग डर भय
1.Before every concert, I do about a half hour of stage fright.

2.She eventually ended her career in 1987 due to that stage fright.

3.Even though the shows are taped, Fisher is having some stage fright.

4.Has described herself as uncomfortable on stage and sometimes suffers stage fright.

5.He switched to teaching after he started having stage fright before shows.

6.But during her presentation, Moore suffered a classic attack of stage fright.

7.It turns out that the main thing bothering him is stage fright.

8.Always a nervous performer, this time he had contracted terminal stage fright.

9.He writes of four tricks by Alan Weiner to disguise stage fright:

10.But while Alfaro fulfilled his promise, Ms . Rowley got stage fright.

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fear that affects a person about to face an audience

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