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English-Hindi > stanford white

stanford white meaning in Hindi

stanford white sentence in Hindi
white    सफेद कपड़ा सफेद
1.The interiors were designed by Louis Comfort Tiffany and Stanford White.

2.Stanford White was everyone's favorite bon vivant and American boulevardier.

3.Harry K . Thaw's 1907 trial for murdering Stanford White?

4.University officials swiftly approached celebrity architect Stanford White to rebuild the Rotunda.

5.Soon, however, it became apparent that Stanford White was dead.

6.The interior was remodeled by Stanford White in 1885 88.

7.Stanford White designed the houses for a wealthy white clientele.

8.Charles McKim and Stanford White refused to work on such projects altogether.

9.They hired Stanford White to complete and redo the rooms we see today.

10.I would rather have a Stanford White house than a painting by Rembrandt.

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