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English-Hindi > state activity

state activity meaning in Hindi

state activity sentence in Hindi

• अंतर्राज्यी क्रिया
state    सरकार अवस्था
activity    कार्यकलाप क्रिया
1.From political point of view, he must not have been a part of any national activities since the past 5 years and must not have been active in appointments of the state activities
4. वह राजनैतिक रूप से कम से कम पिछले 5 वर्शो से राष्ट्रीय रूप से सक्रिय ना रहा हो तथा नियुक्ति वाले राज्य मे कभी भी सक्रिय ना रहा हो

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