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English-Hindi > steady motion

steady motion meaning in Hindi

steady motion sentence in Hindi

अपरिवर्ती गति
steady    प्रियतम
motion    गति गमन चाल चिह्न
1.With a steady motion, pull the tick's body away from the skin.

2.But irregular beam motion was slower than the steady motions on raster displays.

3.Around the same time, the cyclone began a steady motion to the southwest.

4.For best results, grasp the pest as close to the skin as possible and pull with a slow, steady motion.

5.If you find one, grasp it as close to its mouth part as possible and pull it straight out with a steady motion.

6.In a steady motion, the lifter should raise the weight by using the forearm muscles to bring the hand up as far as possible.

7.In funk rhythm playing, the strumming hand keeps a fairly steady motion in 16th notes, while the left hand, basically holding down a jazz chord damps some of them in a syncopated pattern.

8.Scholz and Campos suggest that in the shallow-angle subduction zones, the lower plate is rubbing against the upper one over a much wider area, causing friction that makes the plate move in fits and starts rather than a slow steady motion.

9.*This is rather obvious, just like a boat on a small lake, if he could rest his hands on both sides and rock back and forth, to an external observer the vessel would rock back and forth, while the center of mass of the entire system would stay in place ( or steady motion ) . talk ) 00 : 08, 1 March 2015 ( UTC)

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