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English-Hindi > steady state distribution

steady state distribution meaning in Hindi

steady state distribution sentence in Hindi

स्थायी दशा वितरण
steady    प्रियतम
steady state    स्थिर अवस्था
state    सरकार अवस्था
state distribution    स्थिरावस्था वितरण
distribution    वितरण विभाजन
1.An extension of Little's law provides a relationship between the steady state distribution of number of customers in the system and time spent in the system under a first come, first served service discipline.

2.A detailed discussion of such steady state distributions for these and related kinetic exchange models is provided in Econophysics of Income & Walth Distributions ( Chakrabarti et al ., Cambridge University Press, 2013 ) . " ( in p . 75; also pp . 40, 290 ).

3.Millions of such conservative transactions lead to a steady state distribution of money ( gamma function-like in the " Chakraborti-Chakrabarti " model with uniform savings, in the " Chatterjee-Chakrabarti-Manna " model with distributed savings ) and the distribution converges to it.

4.The book Guidance of an Enterprising Economy, MIT Press ( 2016 ) by Martin Shubik & E . Smith ( Economics, Yale University & Santa Fe Inst . ) noted : " It was shown in Chakraborti & Chakrabarti ( European Physical Journal B, 2000 ) that uniform saving propensity of the agents constrains the entropy maximizing dynamics in such a way that the distribution becomes gamma-like, while ( quenched ) nonuniform saving propensity of the agents leads to a steady state distribution with a Pareto-like power-law tail ( Chatterjee, Chakrabarti & Manna, Physica A, 2004 ).

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