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stiletto heel sentence in Hindi

"stiletto heel" meaning in Hindi
  • Therefore, Marshall gives us Betty Rubble in stiletto heels and a corset.
  • For the first time in her life, she teetered on stiletto heels.
  • A real stiletto heel has a stem of solid steel or alloy.
  • Stiletto heels concentrate a large amount of force into a small area.
  • What about bustles, trains, corset jackets, Wonderbras, crotch-high skirts and stiletto heels?
  • All of the models appeared to struggle walking in 3-inch-high stiletto heels.
  • Rachel Shukert was the author of'Stiletto Heels', one of the short plays.
  • Tom Cruise had to wear a bra and red satin stiletto heels.
  • For a couple of seasons, stiletto heels and bared breasts were abundant.
  • Heather Thomas has written a stiletto heel-sharp satiric romp . 
  • He is credited with the design of the first stiletto heel in 1954.
  • Furious, Hedy kills him, gouging his eye with her stiletto heel.
  • Bags were fancy and small, shoes were sexy and strapy, with stiletto heels.
  • On Tuesday night at Denver's Lotus Lounge, pink miniskirts and stiletto heels abound.
  • The sneakers run circles around stiletto heels . . . and glass slippers.
  • Big shoulders have cropped up everywhere, not to mention stiletto heels.
  • For accessories, you'll see the feminine stiletto heel, crocodile purse, and clutch handbag.
  • _Stiletto heels and boots look absolutely wonderful, but not when the model stumbles.
  • Taking the high road : Who'll wear fashion's new favorite high stiletto heels?
  • But Kina does like skintight red leather pants and stiletto heels.
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