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English-Hindi > strain component

strain component meaning in Hindi

strain component sentence in Hindi

strain    निष्पीड़न पूरा
component    अंश अवयव घटक टुकड़ा
1.Such that the equation will lead to the strain components for an applied field.

2.These are 81 equations, 6 of which are independent non-trivial equations, which relate the different strain components.

3.It can be seen that the tensorial shear strain components of the infinitesimal strain tensor can then be expressed using the engineering strain definition, \ gamma \, \ !, as

4.Strain can be described as a tensor with three principal strains ( ? x, ? y and ? z in a Cartesian coordinate system ), and six shear strains components.

5.In the heart, it has been customary to describe the three principal strain components as longitudinal ( in the direction of the long axis of the ventricles ), circumferential ( in the direction of the ventricular circumference ), and transmural ( the deformation across the wall.

6.The aggregate modulus of a similar specimen is determined from a unidirectional " deformational " testing configuration, i . e ., the only non-zero strain component is E 11, as opposed to the Young's modulus, which is determined from a unidirectional " loading " testing configuration, i . e ., the only non-zero stress component is, say, in the "'e 1 "'direction.

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