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English-Hindi > strand displacement

strand displacement meaning in Hindi

strand displacement sentence in Hindi

सूत्र विस्थापन
strand    समुद्र-तट गुण लड़
displacement    खसकाना विस्थापन
1.Replication of the RCN genome occurs through the strand displacement method.

2.Another use of strand displacement cascades is to make dynamically assembled structures.

3.Strand displacement complexes can be used to make molecular logic gates capable of complex computation.

4.The viral DNA polymerase then uses a strand displacement mechanism, as opposed to the conventional Okazaki fragments used in mammalian DNA replication, to replicate the genome.

5.Dynamic DNA nanotechnology uses a mechanism called toehold-mediated strand displacement to allow the nucleic acid complexes to reconfigure in response to the addition of a new nucleic acid strand.

6.In the case of nucleic acid strand displacement circuits, the signal is the presence of nucleic acid strands that are released or consumed by binding and unbinding events to other strands in displacement complexes.

7.:: : The strand displacement figure is in the Dynamic DNA nanotechnology section; I put it there because that part of the article had no images while the Fundamental Concepts section already has two.

8.Several assembly methods are used to make these structures, including tile-based structures that assemble from smaller structures, folding structures using the DNA origami method, and dynamically reconfigurable structures using strand displacement methods.

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