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English-Hindi > stratospheric warming

stratospheric warming meaning in Hindi

stratospheric warming sentence in Hindi

समताप मंडलीय कोष्ण
warming    गरमाना गरमाहट
1.Stratospheric warming of the polar vortex results in its weakening.

2.Sudden stratospheric warming events are associated with weaker polar vortices.

3.One such phenomenon is sudden stratospheric warming.

4.Prior to September 2002, it was thought, that a major sudden stratospheric warming could happen only in the Northern Hemisphere.

5.The stratospheric warming was first documented by the US Army Meteorological Rocket Network station at Poker Flat Research Range near Fairbanks, Alaska.

6.The high concentration might explain the stratospheric warming of ~ 15 �C, resulting in surface cooling that would be a delayed reaction lasting for the next nine years.

7.It is estimated that the stratospheric warming event only lasted four years, but cooler temperatures were documented until 1825 ( Cole-Dai et al . 2009 ).

8.Thus, there exists a statistically significant imbalance between the frequency of sudden stratospheric warmings if these events are grouped according to the QBO phase ( easterly or westerly ).

9.Beginning on January 2, 2014, sudden stratospheric warming ( SSW ) led to the breakdown of the semi-permanent feature across the Arctic known as the polar vortex.

10.During northern hemispheric winters, sudden stratospheric warmings, caused by the absorption of Rossby waves in the stratosphere, can be observed in approximately half of winters when easterly winds develop in the stratosphere.

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