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English-Hindi > stretching vibration

stretching vibration meaning in Hindi

stretching vibration sentence in Hindi

तनन कंपन
stretching    तनन तनाव
vibration    स्पंदन कंपकंपी
1.M " OH stretching vibrations occur below about 600 cm  " 1.

2.The symmetric and asymmetric stretching vibrations are close to each other, so the rotational fine structures of these bands overlap.

3.The infrared spectrum of liquid water is dominated by the intense absorption due to the fundamental O-H stretching vibrations.

4.U O stretching vibrations at ca . 880 cm  " 1 ( Raman spectrum ) and 950 cm  " 1 ( infrared spectrum ).

5.It has an O-H stretching vibration at 3092.1 cm  " 1, which compares to 3125.3 cm  " 1 in ice.

6.IR absorption of the CN stretching vibration of [ Fe ( btr ) 2 ( NCS ) 2 ] H 2 O at different temperatures in the cooling mode ( a ) and heating mode ( b ).

7.In the spectrum of CH 5 + three asymmetric stretching vibrations are present around 2800  3000 cm  " 1, a rocking vibration at 1300 cm  " 1, and a bending vibration at 1100 1300 cm  " 1.

8.At the temperature of liquid helium, 4K, the vibronic structure was completely resolved, with zero intensity for the purely electronic transition, and three side-lines corresponding to the asymmetric U-Cl stretching vibration and two asymmetric Cl-U-Cl bending modes.

9.This adapted figure shows the fraction of the HS centers, ( x ), as a function of temperature as calculated from the absorption of the CN stretching vibrations of [ Fe ( btr ) 2 ( NCS ) 2 ] " H 2 O . This plot shows a relatively large hysteresis.

10.For an S N 1 reaction, since the carbon is converted into an sp 2 hybridized carbenium ion during the transition state for the rate-determining step with an increase in C ?-H ( D ) bond order, an inverse kinetic isotope effect would be expected if only the stretching vibrations were important.

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