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English-Hindi > strike price

strike price meaning in Hindi

strike price sentence in Hindi

• विकल्प कीमत
strike    हड़ताल हड़ताल हवाई
price    क़ीमत क़ीमत कीमत
1.The other guys were making fun of me for my strike price,

2.Contracts with strike prices of 80 and 72 also were heavily sold.

3.The most traded options had a 80 reais strike price, said Bianchi.

4.Trading in Telebras options focused on a strike price of 76.

5.If it goes below the so-called strike price, however, the option is worthless.

6.The buyer has the right to sell the stock at the strike price.

7.Likewise, the issuer holds an obligation to sell shares at the strike price.

8.The two most traded options had strike prices of 115 and 120 reais.

9.The most traded options had strike prices at 115 reais and 120 reais.

10.These costlier options have strike prices that rates have already reached.

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