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English-Hindi > suffice it to say

suffice it to say meaning in Hindi

suffice it to say sentence in Hindi
• मैं केवल यहीं कहूँगा
• मैं सिर्फ़ इतना ही कहुँगा
suffice    बहुत होना यथेष्ट
it    वह इसे इसको इसक्
to    बन्द अवस्था में
say    व्याख्यान उदाहरण
1.Among its many conceptual mistakes, this hope implied devoting too little attention to the competition raging between Fatah and Hamas since 1987 for the backing of the Palestinian street, a competition that impelled Fatah not be seen as going easy on Israel but as aggressively anti-Zionist as Hamas. Given that Fatah was in negotiations with successive Israeli governments and it had to make gentle noises to the Israeli and western media, the organization had to take a particularly ferocious stance on the ground. What American (and Israeli) policy makers tended to dismiss as incidental turned out to have deep and abiding consequences; suffice it to say that the Palestinian constituency for accepting Israel as a Jewish state has steadily lowered since the heady days of late 1993, to the point that it now represents only about a fifth of the body politic.
स्कैंजर ने इसे भी अभिलेखित किया है कि अमेरिका की विदेश नीति द्वारा फतह और हमास के फितना ( आन्तरिक संघर्ष के लिये अरबी शब्द) पर अधिक ध्यान न दिये जाने का क्या प्रभाव हुआ है। इसका एक परिणाम तो यह हुआ कि जनवरी 2006 के चुनावों तक फिलीस्तीनी जनता के मन को जाना नहीं जा सका और वाशिंगटन उन्हें प्रसन्न करने में ही लगा रहा।

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