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English-Hindi > summon up

summon up meaning in Hindi

summon up sentence in Hindi
• जगा देना
• ताज़ा करना
• जगा देना
summon    आहवान करना आहूत
up    ऊपर की ओर उठा हूआ
1.Henry finally summons up his courage to stand up to his father.

2.Somehow, I was able to summon up the will to do it.

3.Plus, once the game is renewed, each roll summons up a new catastrophe.

4.But she summons up the star for her audience of one.

5.To some, the term summons up images of violence and racism.

6.She is killed when Harry summons up the ghosts of all the vampires'victims.

7.No, at this moment, it was just tough to summon up the energy.

8.They fuss over 600 lights that summon up 529, 990 watts of illumination.

9.Summon up the taste of the finest meatloaf you've ever eaten.

10.Yet the language of sports summons up childhood dreams of making it big.

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