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Below is a brief tutorial on how to use this App.

There are four sections in the Hindlish App: "dictionary", "word book", "translator" and "settings" in the home screen to choose from by tapping the four buttons at the bottom.

The main section is the "dictionary" as shown below. In this page, you may tap the search box at the top and be directed to the "search" page to query the dictionary.

In the search page you can input a keyword. The system can automatically complete your query and you may will select the keywords that you have queried before. You may either input English or Hindi keywords

The detailed interpretation of your queries will be displayed after clicking the search icon. This page displays rich content about the query words, including interprestion in the other language, pronunciation, example sentences and related words etc.

You may tap the plus icon to save this word in the word book so that you may review its interpretation any time later in the "word book" section. You may also tap the "share" icon to trigger a variety of social media Apps to share this word with other people.

In the "Word Book" section, you may find all the words you added before. You can tap them to review their interpretations any time and by sliding to the left, the "delete" button will show up in case you want to remove some of them from your word book.

The "dictionary" is used for individual word or phrases. If you want to translate a complete sentence or even a long article, you may use the "translator". After choosing the right source language and the target language, the system will translate the text you input in the box or copied from other sources.

The "settings" section allows you to configure a variety of settings in the App.

For more support: help@hindlish.com