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English-Hindi > surf board

surf board meaning in Hindi

surf board sentence in Hindi
सर्फ बोर्ड
surf    तरंग लहर फ़ेनिल
board    मंडल बराबर आना
1.Surf kayaking is popular in many areas frequented by surf board surfers.

2.As of 2015, Slater has been seen riding unlabelled Firewire surf boards.

3.Some riders suffered bruising as well as broken bones and surf boards.

4.He learned to ride giant surf boards standing on his hands.

5.Or how about the Surf Board Options Exchange, or SoBoe ?)

6.Same at Waikiki where he put me on a surf board.

7.Ivy is seen late at night at the beach with her surf board.

8.Matt is also  most at home when he is on a surf board.

9.Front and rear passenger seats fold down to carry long objects-surf boards, skis, bicycles.

10.Visitors can rent or purchase surf boards at the Surf Shop on, Main Road.

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